Video Production

Video is now the most important way to get your message across. In 2017 experts predict that around 70% of internet content will be video. A website without a video will soon be as unappealing and old fashioned as a website without a photograph.

Empica has a skilled team producing short professional videos with impact for websites, social media and online marketing.

Get your image moving!

Our videos create a good impression in just a few minutes. They can be used to explain complex processes, celebrate successes, launch new products and services or demonstrate your expertise.

A team of videographers, editors, creatives and journalists with hard news backgrounds work with you to quickly produce video content with impact.

How we work:

  • We meet and produce a script or story-board for you.
  • If necessary we can train or coach those appearing in the video.
  • We plan the shooting schedule and locations with you.
  • We film at all locations.
  • We produce a first edit of the video for you.
  • We make any amends and changes for a final edit.
  • We post it online or produce it for you in format required.

We can turn videos around in 24 hours if required.

Scripting & Planning

Scripting and planning your video is all carried out in house at Empica. We advise on the length and content of the video, with the aim of giving it the same production and news values that you would see on mainstream TV. An experienced journalist scripts and story-boards each video and advises at all stages.

In house facilities

We have dedicated video production staff here at Empica with in-house video and editing facilities. We use a versatile Canon XA25 video camera alongside expert audio recording equipment. Our editing suite uses professional standard Final Cut Pro X editing software and additional post-production programmes.

Services and Products

  • Short documentaries
  • Video news clips
  • Web videos (or Webverts)
  • Training videos
  • Conference and event filming
  • Vlogs (video blogs)
  • Social media content
  • Script writing and story-boards
  • Presentation
  • Location shooting
  • In house bespoke editing
  • DVD production
  • Online delivery

Social News

Video clips consistently perform best on social media with strong evidence that tweets linked to videos reach a wider audience and Facebook posts that include videos are shared wider.

The Empica team produces short (30 secs maximum) video clips on topical issues. These are cost-effective and turned around quickly to stay topical.

What you get: Filming at one location, stock editing images, copyright free music if needed, in-house voice over if needed.

Uses: Facebook, Twitter, your website.

Newsclip Videos

Similar to the news reports you see on TV each day these 90 second news reports have the production values of television news. Suitable for social media, your own website, industry news pages and mainstream media.

What you get: Scripting and planning; filming, editing and post production. We can set up your own online video news channel if required.

Uses: Product launches, exhibitions, websites, Social media channels, industry web pages, mainstream news outlets.

Mini Documentary 

A longer (5 minutes approx) video that examines an issue, product or service in depth. Can also be a case study, show an organisation in action and be used as a sales or training tool.

What you get: Scripting and multiple location filming, editing and post production. Presenter or voice over if needed. Music and some graphics.

Uses: Websites, seminars, in-depth industry web channels, sales promotions

Profile Video

A profile of an organisation, telling its story, history or setting out its products and services in an entertaining and engaging way. Again 5 mins long is the recommended attention span!

What you get: Scripting, story-boarding, multiple location filming, editing, post production to produce a video that can be used a “brochure” or sales tool with a long shelf life.

Uses: In house for HR and recruitment; websites, training, customer relations, education, partnership working, due diligence material for mergers and acquisitiions.

We can source props, actors, music and locations for your video along with illustrations, special effects and graphics.

Filming and Production Talent

Lisa Marley

Lisa is our video editor and in-house camera operator. She studied Film & Visual Culture alongside Anthropology at The University of Aberdeen, where she was President of the award-winning film making society and later ran her own networking event at the local cinema. She then moved to Bristol to do a postgraduate MA in Documentary and Features at The University of the West of England. During this degree she self-shot and edited the short documentary ‘Red Sky on the Black Isle’, which has been shown and won awards at film festivals as well as shown at scientific conferences around Europe. She has a growing portfolio of corporate work through Empica.

Neil Phillips Photo and Film

Empica often works in conjunction with Neil Phillips Photo and Film. Neil has worked as a photographer and Filmmaker for over 25 years and in that time has become passionate about digital film and Media.

He uses top of the range DSLR equipment such as camera sliders, jibs, cranes and dynamic LED lighting systems which gives films a contemporary cinematic feel. Neil has produced numerous bespoke web videos for his major brand clients.

Onscreen Talent

If required to enhance your video we have a number of top presenters and voice-over specialists. These include:

Chris Vacher, award-winning ‘anchor’ of the BBC’s nightly television news in the West region for almost 30 years making him the longest running TV news presenter in the UK at the time. He won a Lifetime Achievement Award from the BBC in 2004 and one from the Royal Television Society in 2012 after 28 years fronting his programme.

Polly Lloyd, who has presented and produced across a range of genres including news, politics and magazine programmes. She has worked for the BBC, HTV and independent production companies. Corporate work includes presenting and voice-over; Polly is currently a regular voice on the weekly audio edition of The Economist magazine.

Guy Kingston, a successful entrepreneur and business specialist who has made over 100 video podcasts on all subjects of running and managing a business. He was also director of a specialist agency producing promotional videos for small business websites. He has worked internationally; including running his own business in Russia and has a fast-paced voice over delivery style.