Videos for Social media

Empica can produce short, informative videos ideal for social media that fit into a wider social media campaign.

These videos tend to be very short but very attention grabbing in order to retain viewer’s interest online. They may also use captions, as around 85% of people watch social media videos with the sound off.

Our video and social media teams work closely together to optimise social media videos for every platform, anticipating and reacting to online trends. 


Videos for your website can be longer and more in depth than social media videos.

These might be to tell visitors about your business, provide updates about your services, give instructional advice on products or services, or generally communicate with viewers in a visual and engaging way.

These videos are generally designed to have a greater longevity than other types of video, but can also be used on social media platforms.

News Videos

Empica can quickly turn around short, topical videos that are suitable for accompanying press releases.

These mimic qualities of video journalism to create content that is interesting and informative.

One of our trained journalists will assist in planning the video to make sure it compliments the accompanying press release. The video is turned around quickly to ensure it remains topical. 

Event Videos

Video can help enhance the success of an event by either promoting it in advance or to show it’s success.

These videos tend to be under 2 minutes in length so that they can be easily shared on social media and help spread the word about your event - future or past. They are usually turned around very quickly and can be re-edited to help promote similar events in the future.

Documentary Videos

Empica can also create long-form content, such as documentaries. These provide in-depth looks into relevant subject matter.

Previous work includes historical documentaries for Bristol Books. ‘Not Forgotten’ is a half hour documentary tracing Bristolian’s family stories around the Somme Battflefields with military historian Jeremy Banning, and ‘Uncovering Bristol’s White City’, an eight minute documentary on the topic behind one of Clive Burlton’s books.