How to embrace your history to get ahead

A good story will stand the test of time and often the historic archives can yield something that will help with today’s PR efforts. 

The clients we have with a long history often have an old story that can be freshened up and brought out for a new audience when the timing is right. 

Those who are newer are often part of a noble profession that goes back centuries or there is a story in comparing how such tasks were carried out in previous years compared to the technology used today. 

It is surprising how a look into the archives or records can yield a fascinating story that can be an insight into today’s issues, grab the attention of potential customers and clients and excite the interest of the media. 

Wookey Hole Caves can boast that Roman soldiers were the first tourists to visit the attraction – two thousand years ago! Bakers Dolphin used to arm its coachmen to protect them from highwaymen as they went through the badlands of Cheddar! 

But even if your business started last week you can look back on how things were done 100 years ago – or in some cases 20 years ago – and make a story out of them. Or the building you now occupy or the street you are now in may have an interesting history. 

Delve back into the past to find the best stories and angles for your current products and services. 


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