We are currently promoting the first ever biography of that great Bristolian Fred Wedlock, a great entertainer, television presenter and charity worker in the West Country. 

Everyone in the Bristol area knows Fred for a huge variety of work he did, making him the West Country version of Billy Connolly, Jasper Carrot or Max Boyce. But the rest of the country knows him for one thing: The Oldest Swinger In Town. 

Go on to and buy a copy of Fred Wedlock Funnyman of Folk by John Hudson and you’ll find out all about Fred and how just defining him with that one hit is a bit narrow-minded. 

But so often people and even businesses are known best for one thing, even though in reality they are multi-faceted and have a lot to offer. 

In fact it is often a good PR tactic to make sure you are known for doing one thing very well. Fred, I’m sure, loved the national recognition that the Oldest Swinger In Town brought him. Who wouldn’t want to perform on Top of The Pops surrounded by Legs and Co! 

By promoting one aspect of your business you can become known for one thing and then use that as a platform to tell people about other things you do. Think of the banks. Now they haven’t got everything right in PR terms but it would be pretty scary if they attempted to lure you in as a customer with everything they do. 

My bank first approached me as a student when I simply wanted a current account to put my student grant money in (no loans in those days). On that day as long as I had a little bit of interest and a cheque book I was happy. 

Since then I have used them to borrow money, send money abroad, for financial advice, foreign exchange, deposit accounts and all manner of other things. 

So a good tip when thinking about your profile is to think of what you do best. Concentrate on promoting that and when you have built a reputation start to cross sell your other services. 

By the time you are the Oldest Swinger In Town you should have built up a nice reputation that enables you to purchase an extra big medallion.