Get your media relations on point

How many emails do you get a day? 10, 20, 30? And do you manage to thoroughly read and respond to them all?

On average a journalist might receive 50 to 100 email pitches a day, and that’s being more than conservative.

On top of that, they’re constantly being tweeted, “DM’d” and tagged online by an army of business owners, management teams and PRs all vying for their attention.

At the same time, they’re responding to breaking stories on the news wires whilst setting up and conducting interviews, not to mention writing up their copy to meet daily deadlines.

So, the big question is, how do you cut through all that noise and gain the journalist’s attention?

That’s where proper, skilled, media relations come into play.

Here are some tips for developing strong relationships with journalists which we routinely practice here at Empica when helping our clients gain media exposure:

Instant results can happen, but don’t expect them

Journalists just want good stories, but they also have to make sure those stories stand up to scrutiny. Plan on getting to know a particular journalist. Find out what their interests are. Do they cover a sector? Read up on their latest stories. Follow them on social media and start interacting with them.

Learn to embrace rejection

If a journalist says “no” don’t take it personally. You can ask why, but they don’t need to give you a reason, so don’t push the issue. A better strategy is to find out what they need for future stories and see if you can supply that to them.

Ditch the sales pitch

If something even slightly feels like its veering towards a sales pitch then 9 times out of 10 a journalist will shut the conversation down. They’re not there to help your business grow, they just want good stories for their audiences.

Help them

The simplest way to help journalists is by promoting their work. Journalists are under constant pressure to generate views and clicks for their stories, so search out the main ones in your area or sector and, whenever you can, like and share their stories with your own networks and leave a comment.

At Empica we interact with journalists regionally, nationally and even internationally every day. If you would like some help with your media relations strategy pick up the phone and give us a call.