Singing the company song - The importance of Internal Comms

There was a time when Japanese companies offered a “job for life” and employees often expressed “shafu” or company spirit by singing the company song every day. 

It is not such a common practice in today’s fast moving world where companies come and go – and so do employees. But there is still a need for some “shafu” and the best way to develop it is with good internal communications. 

Of course if there are only a few people and they are all close at hand you can just gather around the watercooler – or at the nearby coffee shop – for a moan and a kick up the backside and maybe a bit of bonding. 

Empica has also been instrumental in designing company away days and bonding sessions that can get teams working together and have real benefits. For some businesses that has included annual conferences with workshops to deal with specific issues. 

But bigger businesses also need to look at its day to day communications and a structure for getting good positive stories about the business out to all employees – and alongside them those management messages that are vital. 

This can take the form of an intranet site or an email communication once a week or every day. Employing specialist copywriters like us is likely to get it read more readily. Don’t immediately dismiss a printed newsletter as an option. If you want messages to get home to partners of employees this can often work well. Find some businesses that will put vouchers and special offers in there and you will be even more popular. 

Print often lies around to be picked up in quiet moments. Online communication needs to come with a strategy to make sure it is read – some way of making people go to that intranet site for a read when they have a million other things to do. 

Finally, don’t forget video. OK, nobody wants a David Brent style piece to camera from the boss every week – but a short video on a key aspect of the business that features a colleague and important message is sure to be viewed. 

For help with internal communication issues give us a call and we can discuss what is right for you.   

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