Holiday advertising on ITV

Empica has produced the Bakers Dolphin holiday television commercial for 2019.  It made its debut on ITV during the Jeremy Kyle Show and will now run in strategic slots in the South West Region where the coach holiday company pick up passengers.

Two versions of the commercial, one 20 seconds long and one 10 seconds long, give viewers a taste of sunshine in the cold winter days and inform them of the choices available from Bakers Dolphin.

The bulk of the commercial was filmed by Empica’s Lisa Marley around Northern Italy, including Milan and Lake Como. Lisa captured real Bakers Dolphin customers enjoying the sights and sounds of the region.

It was edited by Empica’s George Watts, who captured additional sequences in the UK. Bristol-based television, radio and blog presenter Polly Lloyd, recorded the voice over at Empica’s studios in Wraxall.