Empica has produced a documentary film showing how the region’s families are uncovering the stories of relatives from the First World War.

The film premiered to a specially-invited audience at the Everyman Cinema in Whiteladies Road, Bristol.

Called “Not Forgotten” it follows a group of people as they make a coach tour of the battlefields in Belgium and France searching for information about their relatives 100 years on.

The film focuses on the personal stories and how what happened during the war impacted on families.

Martin Powell, Managing Director, said: “Because of the way people consume their news and information on telephones, tablets and computer screens story-telling through film and video has become increasingly important.

“We invested in in-house video production so that we can produce short films for our clients, but this is the first time we have produced a full-length documentary.”

Empica videographer Lisa Marley filmed and edited “Not Forgotten”, which follows the stories of the relatives of three men who were killed in the First World War as they uncover the past with the help of military historian Jeremy Banning.

Most of the documentary was made in Belgium and France during a weekend tour of the battlefields organised by Bristol-based author and historian Clive Burlton and Bakers Dolphin coaches.

As the weekend unfolded the relatives discover the graves of their relatives, learned about their role in the war and found the places where they were killed in battle.

The film is now set to be shown as part of Bristol’s continuing commemoration  of 100 years since the 1914-18 war.

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Posted: 6 July 2017